How do I make an appointment?

Contact one of the clinics (listed under “Contacts”) for an appointment. Please note that in order to claim a rebate from Medicare you will need to visit your GP or Optometrist for a referral.


如要预约可致电其中一间医务所(点击网页上的“Contacts”), 如要医疗保险退款,您必须先看您的家庭医生或验光师,索取转介信。

How long will my appointment take?

This will vary according to your eye condition, and how busy the clinic is. Typically, it can be between 1 to 2 hours depending on your particular condition and whether additional investigations or procedures are required.  Please note that it is possible that emergencies occur and these will naturally take precedence over scheduled appointments.


What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • A valid referral from a GP, optometrist or specialist.
  • Glasses and / or contact lenses and case.
  • List of medications.


Medical records especially details of previous eye appointments, scans, and reports.
Sunglasses, as most will experience increased light sensitivity if their eyes need to be dilated with special eye drops.

2)您的眼镜 或隐形眼镜和镜盒



Can I drive home after my appointment?

As part of your consultation it may be necessary to administer medications which may affect your ability to drive. Either have someone pick you up or be prepared to wait a little while for the effects of the medication to wear off. It is advised that you have someone drive you home if your appointment involves a procedure.



How much would it cost?

This depends on whether extra investigations and procedures are required.  Please contact the clinic for further information. Majority of the procedure will be rebated by Medicare (although there will still be an out of pocket expense).  Please note that clinic appointments are not covered by your private health fund.

诊疗费多少取决于有否涉及其他检验或小手术。详情可询问服务台。 大部分小手术可得到MEDICARE的部分退款 (其他部分要自付)。就诊疗费也是患者自付,私人医药保险是不负责的。

What sorts of payment do you accept?

Both clinics accepts cash and card (bank card, Visa and Mastercard).  Settlement of account is required on the day of appointment.


现款与信用卡 (银行卡,Visa 与Mastercard).诊疗费当天结帐。